Who we are

The origin

In the late seventies Bruno Chinello handcrafted produced, with the help of his wife Emilia, bread, flour and coffee paper bags, in addition to printing on paper to produce sugar bags.

It was only the beginning of a long story for Lineapack Srl, a family business that, with the time has made indissoluble bond between the constructive talent hardworking and innovative impetus.

A bond that has strengthened with the entry in the company of the sons Damiano, Tiziano, Michele and Pierluigi, while the company was gradually growing with the evolution of market requirements.

From that far 1974, Lineapack added many different products in its production firstly, thanks to the special envelopes of big or small sizes for optician, hospitals, banks and insurance companies, afterward, due to the falling of the request of packaging for filing caused by the increase of electronic means, back to the origin with the production of rolls of paper bags, envelopes and films for the food industry.

Over the years, Lineapack established itself in the field of packaging for food and also no food, offering solution to low environmental impact, many of them are patented.

They were born from passion to research and innovative effort, a passion that has always involved everyone working in the company, from the commercial/sales department to technicians and production workers.

Lineapack today

We invest over forty years of experience thanks to constant investment in research and development of environmentally friendly products(link to quality section/environmentally sustainable section) and advanced production systems.

Steadily present on the Italian territory, we aim more and more to the foreign markets. Our management team, dynamic and determined, continues the path traced by the founder Bruno Chinello, in the groove of a company identity that has deep local roots, but above all also a vision of international company and a strong customer orientation.

Our values

Quality, innovation, environment. These are the values ​​in which we believe: a quality that pervades the company at every level, embraces the respect for the environment and it is tangible in the production of recyclable packaging, of high performance requirements, personalized, certified.

Bags and mono film and multilayer laminates packaging, both in reels and in envelopes which combine sustainable raw materials to the constant, inexhaustible technological research.

All this in order to meet effectively and punctuality customer demands even the most complex.