Sbucciapack®  is the patent for eco-friendly packaging 100%
The idea behind the innovation is simple: design a recyclable packaging able to maintain and preserve the product perfectly reducing to minimum the amount of plastic film used
Sbucciapack translate the idea into reality .
Usable on any industrial plant automatic packaging is a matching  system of a paper layer on the outer side and one of the plastic film on the inner side with ecological glues based on water.
The two frame material are firmly joined together  with biodegradable water glues but can be separated to be conferred  in separate collection

The paper becomes new paper and the plastic film becomes new plastic
Sbucciapack®  is  innovative firstly because you can separate easily , fast and without
getting the hands dirty  the layers that make up the bag after being used so that they can throw away in the recyclable waste :paper with paper, plastic with plastic.
Thus disposing of the packaging is no more a problem but turns into an economic resource.

A green revolution in the packaging industry
The  ecological soul of Sbucciapack® is strengthened with the choice of selected paper exclusively recycled or natural , produced with the use of cellulose coming from crops to responsible management , adhering to different program of reforestation .
These are programs that fully respects the environment balance , provide  the preservation and enrichment of forests with the constant planting of new trees


Sbucciapack® uses more paper and less film
The paper gives a strong structure to packaging: a feature alternatively obtainable through the use of multiple layers of plastic film which would be laminated only with glues with non-biodegradable solvent.
Furthermore, the paper placed on the outer side of the packaging allows customizations of great aesthetic impact, through high quality prints using environmentally friendly water-based inks.

The product is perfectly packed and preserved
The plastic film acts as a barrier to oxygen / gas and humidity/aromas , while paper provides protection against light and temperature changes , responsible for the aging of the products. Between the two layers is created a sort of ‘air chamber’ that in the presence of temperature swing increase the volume, protecting the packaged product from the heat shock.
The patented system finds a wide application in both sectors food and non food and can be realized ​​with any type of paper and plastic film available on the market.