Acquapack is the registered mark attesting the use of glues and water-based inks
Our philosophy is focused on use of raw materials and environmentally friendly production processes to reduce the impact of our production environment
With this in mind , we have always favored the use of glues and water-based inks for packaging paper : are ecological, non toxic, safe and inks allow high quality  printing.

Innovation is printed on the film

Working with laminated paper/film we wanted to experiment the water print on plastic films and get where only a few have arrived .

After a long research, many tests and significant investments in technology , we were able to achieve our goal : to create also on film prints of an indisputable quality, high-resolution and brilliant in colors , with water-based inks.
This result makes our offer of packaging more and more in line with the needs of today's consumers, sensitive to ecological aspects of the packaging to the theme of recycling and environmental respect.
We have invested in a printing plant of 10 colors, unique and with exclusive functionality, developed internally, to reach levels of excellence in personalized packaging.

The ECOCOMPATIBILITY   is measured in each choice.
The added value of Acquapack derives not only from environmentally friendly inks by the use of glues water to laminate the paper / paper and paper / film
These glues reset the emission of waste solvent in the atmosphere,
They don’ t pollute and guarantee total security to health , especially in the case of accidental contact with food.
Our commitment to research and development continues with the goal in the near future to extend the use of water-based glues also assembled to the film / film.