Packaging for food


The need to keep for a long time the aroma of coffee  and the smell of freshly ground beans find the solution in the wide range of packaging designed for the coffee industry and the retail sale of roasting.

We produce both rolls for automatic production either preformed envelopes and bags for manual packaging in paper, plastic film , biofilm or laminated paper / paper , paper/film and paper/polylaminates.

Especially for the packaging of coffee we also have no grease paper and moisture-proof double layer , laminated paper or film barrier film and, again, laminated aluminum /film , triple film / aluminum or barrier metallized films, suitable for packaging the coffee' in modified protective atmosphere or vacuum

In particular the bags, are also available with drain valves for packaging coffee  in grain.
For our productions we use paper produced from pulp derived from forests to responsible management or recycled paper, in order to preserve the world's forests and to respect the environment.

Customisation of the packaging by flexo prints high quality complete our offer for roasting shops


  • shaped windows transparent
  • continuous bands transparent

Also in stock we have preformed square bottom bags and k bottom with generic graphics in the following formats:

Size pack mm quantity per box weight
80x50x260 square bottom 2.000 250 gr.
105x60x320 k bottom 1.000 500 gr.
130x75x400 square bottom 800 1 kg.