Packaging for food

Pasta and rice

To ensure an optimal preservation of the product, providing a protective barrier to light, moisture, dust  and other factors altering the external environment.
This is our aim in the production of packaging for the pasta industry : rolls , envelopes and bags for a normal production or modified atmosphere , automatic or manual

For dried pasta , we offer packaging made with natural paper or recycled certified PEFC and FSC therefore we guaranteed the traceability  and environmental compatibility
If there is a need to show the product inside of the packaging, we apply shaped windows with band in cellophane , plastic film or bio film transparent

For fresh pasta , egg or stuffed with conservation needs of the short term, we produce packaging in laminated paper / cellophane or ‘breathable’ films .
When is necessary to have a longer conservation time we have cards laminated to plastic barrier materials and/or plastic polylaminated materials for modified atmosphere packaging (ATM)

The Lineapack packaging for dried or fresh pasta are customizable in graphic prints in high definition flexo inks that use water-based solvent-free

Size pack mm.

Size window mm.

Quantity per box











80x80 - 80x130