Packaging for food


We guarantee efficient packaging for the protection and conservation of salami and sausages, offering paper with anti grease treatment or laminating with film or bio film which don’t let the fat component to stay on the product.
Our range for the manufacture of packaging for sausages/salami also includes laminated paper to film barrier or barrier laminated materials for packaging in modified protective atmosphere ( ATM ) and vacuum.

The Lineapack range of solutions for packaging the  sausages/salami goes from rolls to envelopes and preformed bags for packaging manual and automatic .
In any case, we prefer ecological papers certified PEFC and FSC or recycled cards based on the requirements of eco compatibility .

Also we produce high quality flexo printing, using only water-based inks that are totally free of solvents and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of our production


  • Windows shaped transparent
  • Bands continue transparent
  • Strip stickers
  • Treatment sealing