Packaging for food

Fruit and vegetables

In the fruit and vegetable field, we look for more effective packaging, firstly  considering the type of product to pack. We distinguish the fresh and the dry
Food as the have different conservation needs.
In case of dried fruit dehydrated such as almond, nuts or dried vegetables and various seeds , our proposals include rolls for packaging normal or automatic production and also preformed bags, envelopes in different material : paper plastic film or bio film, laminated paper/paper, paper/film, paper/poly laminated,
or the normal or in modified atmosphere (ATM)    
In case of fresh fruit and vegetables, considering the water component and  humidity we offer ‘moisture-proof ‘paper that do not break in the presence of liquids .
We also propose plastics and micro- biofilm with the characteristics of being ‘breathable’ and with or without antifog treatment, that prevents the formation of condensation inside the package .
Thanks to high definition flexo prints , made ??with water-based inks ecological Lineapack the packaging for fruit and vegetables can be customized on request.

  • shaped windows transparent
  • continuous bands transparent
  • pinholes in the area or in a continuous
  • treatments thermo- zone or continuous