Packaging for food


We produce rolls for manual and automatic packaging , envelopes and preformed bags made of paper, film and bio film or laminated paper / paper, paper / film, paper / poly laminates.
They are packaging suitable for both normal and modified atmosphere packaging specifically designed for bread and biscuits every other bakery product.

We prefer to use natural paper , produced from pulp derived from forests managed responsibly and recycled paper , contributing  to the preservation of forests worldwide

The choice of materials we take into account the type of product to be packed with dry or fresh or fat to be packed hot, freshly baked or cold
For fresh baked goods ( like bread ) have breathable materials like paper or cellophane film perforated leaving ‘to breathe’ the product

For fresh foods that contain fat, however, we suggest no grease paper which let the humidity of the product to transpire without absorbing the oily component

Before starting the production, we evaluate how the light affects on the process of aging of the product and the shelf life to ensure the durability and quality of conservation. All to create a packaging with excellent performance.

On Lineapack’s packaging  for bakery and it is possible to customize  graphics with  flexo prints  in high definition using water based inks eco compatible.