No food packaging

Paper collection

Respecting the environment means, first of all, keep it clean; giving in the separate collection the recyclable waste: above all, the paper.

For this we designed a system that makes it easier and faster grouping pack paper and cardboard for recycling.

Our paper collection system is made of one BOX and BAGS:

  • The cardboard box is equipped with a cover bags stops, with a large hole in the middle for inserting the waste, the bottom is open for facilitate the extraction of the full bag.
  • The bags, in natural paper, are provided with superior fins to be stably anchored to the box; thus eliminating the risk that bags slides to the bottom by the weight of the material.

Dimensions are important: box and bags have generous formats, specifically designed to allow the insertion of any waste product in paper or cardboard at home and in the office.

For example, the pizza box or the packaging of the computer can be placed in a lying position without the need to break or folding them several times.

Furthermore, the bags are very robust and fit perfectly in the box: it’s possible to press the refusal to the bottom, to reduce the space that it occupies, without the risk that the corners or the edges break the bags.

One time filled the box to it’s full is sufficent remove the cover stop-lot; hold the holes in the sides of the box. Thanks to the open bottom, the bag will stay on the ground and be extracted easily. It can be closed with common paper tape or crumple up the mouth so as create an handle, easy to throw it in the dumpster or deliver it in the landfill.