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Plants and vegetables are alive nature: they need optimal conditions for keeping freshness and luxuriance, especially during the transfer in the disrtribution channel.

In the knowledge of the needs of nursery gardeners, florists and horticulturists has allowed us to study effective solutions to coat and protect plants and vegetables during the transport from hatchery to wholesaler, the distributor to the store.

An alternative enviromentally friendly and better performing to the plastic film. The paper reduces the thermal shock and allowes the plants to “breathe”.

The anti – humidity treatment, in particular, ensures the absorption of surplus humidity and it releases when the atmosphere becomes dry. In that way, the paper ensures a stable and optimal enviroment for all the duration of transport: so the plant keeps her beauty, doesn’t rot and leaves and flowers are prosperous.

Our paper cones are available in various formats and sizes, it depends on the diameter of the vases and the size of the plants.

They can be customized with logos or decorations, for exmple a Christmas theme.

They are supplied in a pratical roll with space-saving dispenser: the cone never takes dust, it stays clean even if the operatos uses it with dirty or wet hands, and it is always ready for use.

In addition to the cones in paper, our solutions for the floricultural industry includes rolls of paper (high 20 – 30cm) with a treatment anti-humidity. They used as a protective bank of the trays for the transport of plants in vase.